Modern metal wall art with skull motif

Memento mori

A modern stylish kitchen with black wall decoration and the words Love is the answer.

Love is the answer

Uncover the hidden potential of your walls

Swap monotonous white for modern black and go a little further every day. Drawn by hand, immortalised by laser in sheet metal. Twelve images for joy, inspiration or reflection.

Original metal image with a shepherd and the inscription Be Grateful

Be Grateful

Black metal image with bull motif


Original metal image of a cat curled up in a ball


Original metal image with torch motif in the darkness


Original metal image with the motif of a dominant warrior


Original metallic image with an eye motif. Look within.

Look within

Original metal image of a girl silhouette with long hair

femme fatale

Black metal picture with Urobor motif


The original metal image with the motif of the labyrinth of life

Labyrinth of life

Original metal painting depicting life as a symphony.

Life is a symphony

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