Skilled locksmith


We are looking for a skilled locksmith into the production of metal furniture, whom we will train in the secrets of the best that can be done with black metal. Your job will involve scoring structures according to drawings, welding with the 135 method (COčko), precision grinding and of course careful inspection of everything that comes out of the workshop.

What you shouldn't miss

Concentration when grinding

Love for the black craft
The joy of a job well done
The desire to continuously improve
Ability to work independently and methodically
Skill, diligence and conscientiousness
Patience, calmness and attention to detail
Valid welding licence for method 135 (COčko)
Dexterity when working with an angle grinder

Concentration when grinding
Work on the Siegmund table

What for?

Work on the Siegmund table

The opportunity to be at the birth of something special
Meaningful work in a team of passionate craftsmen
Working with top-of-the-range equipment
Opportunity to participate in the development of new products
Flexible working hours
Background of a young family business
Solid valuation
Coffee!!! 🙂

How to make yourself known?


Send your CV to email novotny@technovo.czideally with pictures of the best thing you've ever made

Inspection of polished metal legs

What then?

Inspection of polished metal legs

We will try to find out from your email whether you have experience with precision metal fabrication, production of interior design elements, or perhaps stainless steel (which is very close in complexity to what we do). If not, we'll look at whether you have the aptitude to learn over time - are you meticulous, patient, disciplined, like to learn and improve? We'll definitely ask about your ability to use a grinder (you'll be using it more often than a welder). If we think you're the right fit for the job, we'll give you a call and set up an appointment at our shop. There you will then have a small skills test (welding + metal leg grinding). Once you've passed the test, we usually just deal with the job details - money, time availability and contracts.

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