Custom made table

We design and manufacture modern tables according to your wishes. We specialise in oak tables with metal bases, but we can also supply tables with stone and other great materials.

Dining table with laminate top and atypical metal base
Modern custom-made table, round metal top
Luxury dining table black metal legs solid oak top

Unleash your imagination

Imagine the table of your dreams and send us your brief with dimensions and a description of the materials. If something is not clear, we will contact you, ask for details and then send you a quotation. For more complex designs, we first fine-tune the look through visualisations.

Rely on experience and superior care

Avoid haggling over quality or the difficult coordination of multiple craftsmen. Go for the security of thousands of manufactured tables, superior craftsmanship and a wide range of material options.

Sit at the table of your dreams

Experience the pleasure of a beautiful table exactly to your liking. Feast your eyes on a unique table top made from the finest materials and sit down at a solid steel structure that will last for decades.

Before you order

Making a bespoke table can sometimes be a long and arduous process full of questions and uncertainty. To make it a little easier for you, we've put together answers to the most common questions inherent in making a new custom table.

For more complex designs, we do this quite routinely. The customer sends us a rough brief, we send the first sketch and then we gradually go through various design adjustments until the design is exactly as we want it. It usually takes three to five rounds before we get to the final design. There is no charge or limit to the visuals, it just sometimes takes a while to incorporate all the changes.

After we agree on the visualization, we update the quotation and after its approval we go into production.

Table for 4-6: minimum 150cm, ideally 180cm+

Table for 6-8: minimum 180cm, ideally 200cm+

Table for 8-10: minimum 200cm, ideally 240cm+

Yes, it's certainly possible. Just send us the design you like and the required dimensions, or the material of the board if you want something other than solid oak.

We mostly work with solid oak, but we have great suppliers for stone and other materials of top quality.

If it is just a little bit possible, we will bring the table to you personally with the proceeds. If we are separated by a long distance, we will arrange for delivery by a contracted carrier.

For custom tables, we usually take a deposit of 60-70% in advance - payment against the advance invoice by bank transfer. Additional payment after delivery.

For simple custom modifications (simple change of dimensions/materials in our designs) we take 100% up front.

Here it will depend on the current workload of the workshop, but also on how quickly we can run the visualizations together, which usually take the longest. My estimate is that it will be somewhere between 6 and 10 weeks.

- John

..The processing of the legs is one big show, we are thrilled. The finish is beautiful. We were a little bit afraid of the look not to be too industrial, but we are absolutely satisfied. We're excited about the vibrant colors anyway.. the board is awesome, thank you.

Thanks for the great table, it made us happy!

- Aneta

I wanted to thank you so much for the table we have had at home since yesterday. We are both incredibly excited about it, you really did a great job, exceeding our expectations. 🙂 It doesn't move in any way, not even in the direction of length, so everything is perfect in that respect too. And the chairs fit nicely under our countertop with the arms too. Thank you again very much and I believe that this was not our last order with you. We will be happy to recommend you to others!

- Peter

The table is beautiful. I have finished the photo and will send it.
It's in the main room, so it's the first one I see when I come in and it's really cool.
Everybody admires him so much?
Have a great day and we'll be sure to create something else.

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