Bespoke table for How to build a dream

We got into the show How to Build a Dream through the lead designer Renata Pápai, who asked us at the end of 2021 if we would make a dining table base for their new episode. Word was given and at the beginning of the year we went directly to Ledec nad Sázavou with the finished base.

When we arrived at the apartment, we couldn't help wondering. There was dust everywhere, lots of people running around and clouds of unfinished work. It was the fifth day of shooting, but it certainly didn't look like a handover. In the end, they made it though and you can see the result for yourself. On our behalf, hats off to the designers, workers and everyone involved in this piece! Well done! We wish Misha a fresh new start.

You can watch the whole episode on Prima: How to build a dream XX/9
They also wrote about this piece on

Realisation: 2022

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