Are metal legs or a table base better?

Does it make sense to pay extra for a table with a base, or are regular metal legs enough? The answer to this question lies in the material of the top and the length of the table. Let's get to it.

Modern solid oak table top with a bevelled edge.

Plate material

Each material behaves differently and therefore something different fits under each one.


Stone it's heavy, can't take any deflection and likes to crack. For this reason, we recommend putting only the most massive table bases under it, which are guaranteed to prevent any sagging of the board and thus eliminate the risk of cracking.


Solid is a living material that likes to work = tends to change size/shape with changes in humidity and temperature. For this reason, we recommend putting only a table base underneath it, which will keep the board in perfect plane, regardless of the surrounding climate.


Chipboard (laminate, workbenches, etc.) they are the least demanding, they do not work or crack and therefore it is possible to put both metal legs and table base under them with peace of mind. Just be careful of the overall length of the table so that the board doesn't sag under its own weight, see below.

Design dining table in industrial style. Metal legs and solid top.

Table length

The longer the table, the greater the role of gravity and the associated deflection of the board by its own weight. Of course it depends on the thickness. A thinner board will deflect sooner than a thick board, but even a thick board has its limits. In our experience, classic table tops with a thickness of about 3.6 cm start to bend with own weight around the length of 180cm. Thinner, e.g. two-centimetre boards on coffee tables start to sag already around 120cm in length.


Dining tables with laminate plate, shorter than 180cm

With these tables, you won't notice any difference between a table with a base and a table with a pair of metal legs - the strength is the same, the load-bearing capacity plus or minus.


Dining tables longer than 180cm

Here it pays not to skimp and pay extra for a stable table base, regardless of the material.

Table base for dining table with V-shaped legs


Metal legs are only suitable for shorter tables up to 180cm in length with stable tops (laminated chipboard, worktop, plywood, MDF,...)


The table base can handle all materials without length restrictions.

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