Oiled oak

The wooden parts of our products are made of solid oak wood treated with natural wax oil.

Design dining table with a solid welded base and solid oak top.
Detail of the jointing of a solid oak table top.
Modern solid oak table top with a bevelled edge.

Natural wax oil (OSMO) consists of a mixture of linseed, sunflower and soybean oils. The oil part of the coating penetrates deep into the cells of the wood and thus protects it from the inside. The wax part remains on the surface of the wood, where it protects it against normal contamination while allowing it to breathe and react freely to its environment.


The hard wax oil resists wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, grease, milk and water in the short term. To keep it looking beautiful at all times, we recommend all dirt wipe without delay with a dry cloth.


Placement of solid wood products

Oak wood is a natural material that senses its surroundings and constantly reacts to them. If you want our oak products to last a long time, do not expose them to sharp changes in temperature, humidity or direct sunlight. Wood will eventually get used to almost everything, but you have to give it time to acclimatise and find a new internal balance. If you expose it to too many changes too quickly, it can lead to shortened board life, cracks, or other beauty defects.



Wipe off dust and common dirt with a normal duster/wipe. For more stubborn dirt and to revive the plate, use Osmo cleaner in sprays. BEWARE of using sharp tools or too hot pots/pots which can leave permanent marks on the oiled surface.


If after a while you still manage to leave permanent signs of use on the board, don't worry, the board can always be completely sanded and repainted. If you're interested in a complete countertop refurbishment, send us a message and we'll send you an estimate for price and time.

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