Vala XL bench

Fixed bench for dining table with oak top and metal base

A dominant dining table bench with a beautiful oak top and a cleanly crafted metal base.

Sit everyone down, with confidence.

The base of the bench is a sturdy, metal base that supports the board throughout its length. This makes the bench very sturdy and allows you to seat a really large number of diners without worry.

Detail of the cut-out on the dining table base
Comfortable dining table bench with a sturdy metal frame.
Long bench for dining table with sturdy metal base

Enjoy the comfort of solid oak

The four-centimetre-thick solid oak top is composed of carefully selected planks and cemented on all sides. The board is painted with two coats of durable wax oil, which will keep the bench looking like new for many years. 

Modern dining table with solid oak top and a sturdy bench

Premium handcrafting

Pamper yourself with hand-tuned details from the finest craftsmen. Discover the smooth lines, cleanly cut joints and unique beauty of oak wood.

Beautiful, hand-carved details

Carefully cemented bitches matched to the natural pattern  

Premium powder coating 

Before you buy

Choosing a new bench can be a long and arduous process full of uncertainty and questions. To make it a little easier for you, we've put together answers to the most common questions that come with buying a new bench.

The length of the bench depends on whether you want to slide the bench between the table legs or not. If so, the bench must be at least 10cm shorter than the space between the table legs. If you don't want to slide it in, then the length of the bench is entirely up to you and your space.

The minimum width for comfortable seating is 40cm, in the photos we have benches with a width of 45cm.

We produce benches 45cm high. If you want it a little higher/lower, just add it to the note.

Yes, we make benches to order. Changing the dimensions by a few centimetres is free of charge, larger changes are priced according to the increase in material requirements and labour intensity of production.

Yes, we make them to order on a regular basis. Just send us an email or whatsapp with a basic sketch (handmade) and we will send you a price and deadline.

Yes, we make them to order on a regular basis. Just send us an email or whatsapp with a basic sketch (handmade) and we will send you a price and deadline.

Basically, this is not possible. If you let us know in advance, we will be happy to provide you with anchoring feet for the bench, through which you can then attach the bench to the wall so that it does not go anywhere. 

Yes, we make them to order on a regular basis. Just send us an email or whatsapp with a basic sketch (by hand) and we will send you a price and deadline. We are happy to prepare plywood or other base boards for upholsterers to start creating upholstery.

Yes, it's possible. Just choose from the decors down during the order. 

For routine maintenance, a slightly damp cloth is all you need. To ensure that your oak board lasts for years like new, we recommend that you treat it once a month Osmo cleaner.

How to care for oiled oak countertops.

How to care for the base with powder coating.

The actual production time is always indicated down on the order.

All our furniture is handmade and made to order, so it is possible that the production date may change depending on the current workload or availability of materials. We will inform you in advance of any changes from the original estimate.

By bank transfer. After the order is completed, we will send you an invoice for the full amount and after payment we will put the bench into production.

Once you order, you don't have to worry about anything. We will manufacture the bench, assemble it, pack it carefully and ship it to you. Before we hand it over to the carrier, we'll call you to arrange a delivery date. 

Free shipping is to the first door and applies to the whole Czech Republic. If you are within 100km from us, we will bring everything to you, take it out, unpack it and hand it over personally. 

Definitely not. The legs of the bench are lined with durable felt made of real sheep wool. This makes it comfortable to shuffle around and keeps the floors looking like new.

Just send us an email with the dimensions and we will generate a customized model for you. We send 3D models either .STP, .IGS or .OBJ

Choose the bench of your dreams

Just a few clicks and in a few weeks you have it at home

Actual delivery time is 4 to 8 weeks
Free shipping


The final colour of the product may differ from the illustration photo

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