Armchair Gori

Metal armchair Gori with solid oak elements.

A majestic metal throne for the true rulers of the modern technological jungle.

Awaken the ruler in you

Enough with the subtle armchairs and gentle curves. Gori is about brute strength, dominance and the courage to live life to the fullest. Behold!

Armchair Gori
Armchair Gori

Draw strength from the comfort of solid oak

No plywood or recycled plastic, but a nice three centimetres of honest oak solids hand-finished to comfortable perfection. The seat, backrest and armrests are painted with two coats of durable wax oil for decades of beautiful looks and happy ruling.

Detail of the connection of the oak handle to the metal structure of the Gori armchair.
Industrial still life with oak armchair Gori and table S42.

Reign with the strength of metal

The construction of the chair is built on a solid metal frame that is thoroughly welded, as one piece with beautifully polished details. The chair does not allow rocking, it cannot wobble and the low centre of gravity makes it almost impossible to tip over.

The chair weighs around 30kg, but that doesn't mean you have to lift it above your head every time you walk past. For casual dining, just shuffle it or raise it slightly. Once you try it out, you'll be surprised how little force it takes to handle something so indestructible.

Modern oak armchair with solid metal frame.
Armchair Gori
Armchair Gori

Premium handcrafting

Pamper yourself with hand-tuned details from the finest craftsmen. Discover the smooth lines, cleanly cut joints and unique beauty of oak wood.

Beautiful, hand-carved details

Sensitively machined seat cushion for smooth and comfortable seating 

Carefully cemented bitches matched to the natural pattern


Before you buy

The height of the seat is 45cm from the ground. If you are interested in other dimensions, here is a simple drawing:

chair gori drawing

No. The chair has clearly defined dimensions and it can't be changed.

We spent many months and countless prototypes coming up with its exact geometry. Any change would mean going through this whole wheel all over again.

Yes, it's possible. Just choose from the decors down during the order. 

Once you order, you don't have to worry about anything. We will manufacture the chair, assemble it, pack it carefully and ship it to you. Before we hand it over to the carrier, we'll call you to arrange a delivery date.

Free shipping is to the first door If you are within 100km from us, we will bring everything to you, take it out, unpack it and hand it over personally.

By bank transfer. Once your order is completed, we will send you an invoice for the full amount and after payment we will put your order into production.

The actual production time is always indicated down on the order.

All our furniture is handmade and made to order, so it is possible that the production date may change depending on the current workload or availability of materials. We will inform you in advance of any changes from the original estimate.

Definitely not. The armchair has a welded and polished metal plate on the bottom of the legs on which is glued a durable felt made of real sheep wool.

Rule with a firm and just hand. For routine maintenance, you will only need to wipe the chair occasionally with a cloth. To ensure that the oak boards last for many years as good as new, we recommend that you treat them once a month Osmo cleaner.

How to care for oiled oak countertops.

How to care for the base with powder coating.

For a 3D model just email us and we will generate it for you either in .STP, .IGS or .OBJ

Sit on the metal throne

Who else if not you? When else if not now?

25 000  (20 661  excluding VAT)

Available on back-order


Actual delivery time is 6 to 10 weeks
Free shipping


The final colour of the product may differ from the illustration photo

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