Renovation paint

Osmo Renovation Coating 0,5l

Renovation coating for wooden surfaces treated with OSMO oil. It is used to revive the original appearance and heal minor defects.

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Volume 0,5l

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Based on natural vegetable oils (sunflower oil, soybean oil, thistle oil) and waxes, paraffins, pigments, lead-free driers and additives to ensure water repellency. Dearomatised white spirit (benzene-free).


Durability 5 years or more.

Clean the surface of loose dirt. It is recommended to lightly sand down minor visual defects and scratches with a fine emery board - never sand locally in a small area, but extend the cut smoothly into the surrounding area.


Wipe off the abrasive dust (classic paper towels are best for this). Thoroughly tap the can, pour the refinishing paint onto the board, where you spread it with a roller into a thin continuous layer. Watch out for overflow at the edges of the board! Always make the last strokes along the length of the board in the direction of the years!


Allow the paint to dry for 8-10h with good ventilation. After drying, you can sand the paint very lightly with a fine emery board in the direction of flight.

The package includes one set of latex gloves, two emery boards (400 grit) for sanding before and after, special felt roller with attachment.

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