Bed Gema

Černý noční stolek s dubovým šuplíkem

A modern metal bed combining the absolute strength of an unbreakable metal frame with a warm headboard made of solid oak planks.

In full force. Every day.

V životě vítězí ti, kdo vydrží dlouho poté, co ostatním dávno došel dech. Klíčem k úspěchu je tvrdá práce, disciplína, ale také umění efektivně a vydatně odpočívat. 

We can't help you with discipline, but for a great rest, we'd have something here. 

Bytelná kovová postel v moderním designu

Metallic quiet night

Pevný, přibližně 150kg vážící kovový rám je zárukou dlouhodobé stability a absolutní nerozvrzatelnosti. Testováno na lidech.


Bytelný kovový rošt na míru

The warm energy of the forest

We have fitted the headboard with a trio of beautifully wide oak planks, which will give your bedroom the scent of the forest and which will warm you up every time you lean against them.

Fancy details

Minimalisticky rovné čelo vám umožní dorazit postel až ke stěně. Stylové zakrytování perforovaným plechem nabízí široké možnosti využití úložného prostoru pod postelí.

Noční stolky? To je kapitola sama pro sebe. Prostorný šuplík elegantně schová klidně několik knížek a řadu osobních věcí. Vrchní plocha s drobným lemem zabrání padání čehokoliv co dáte nahoru a volná záda usnadní tažení kabelů třeba přímo do šuplíku.

Dubová postel s kovovým lemováním
Otevřený šuplík u černého nočního stolku
Dekorační děrovaný plech, kovová postel

Honest handmade work

Pamper yourself with hand-tuned details from the finest craftsmen. Discover the smooth lines, cleanly cut joints and unique beauty of oak wood.

Beautiful, hand-carved details

Carefully cemented bitches matched to the natural pattern  

Premium powder coating 

Before you buy

Answers to the most common questions that go hand in hand with buying a new bed. 

For a single person with occasional sleeping for another person, the ideal mattress width is 140 to 160cm.

For two partners, be sure to choose a mattress width of 180 to 200cm.

Below we attach a simple sketch with dimensions. If you need something more detailed, just write.


Yes, it is. We make beds to order, so it's not a problem to change the seat height, headboard length, etc.

We deliver the bed without mattresses.

Any type of mattress in standard sizes can be used.

The recommended height of the mattress is 12 to 18cm. The ideal is 16cm - in the photos.

It is of course possible to use a significantly higher mattress, but the bed then loses a bit of its design appearance.

K posteli je možné zakoupit naše tenké kovové rošty (varianta Standard nebo Premium), nebo použít jiný standardní rošt, který vám vyhovuje.

The bed is assembled from multiple pieces that are designed to fit together beautifully while eliminating any possibility of future squeaks.

It won't. Squeaks in metal beds come from improperly designed construction details that gradually loosen with use, creating gaps between parts and starting to squeak.

Our beds are designed from the start to be absolutely unbreakable (a combination of unique shape joints and high weight) regardless of the type or frequency of lullaby chosen (we really tested this and we just know 🙂 )

If your home is not heated to minus 5, then it will not get cold.

One of the main physical properties of metal is that it conducts heat very well and therefore quickly equalizes the temperature of the room it is in. So if your home is a comfortable 21 degrees, then it will be around 21 degrees.

Yes, it's possible. Just choose from the decors down during the order. 

Once you order, you don't have to worry about anything. We will make the bed, pack it and send it to you. Before we hand it over to the carrier, we'll call you to arrange a delivery date. 

Free shipping is to the first door and applies to the whole Czech Republic. If you are within 100km from us, we will bring everything to you, take it out, unpack it and hand it over personally. 

By bank transfer. Once your order is completed, we will send you an invoice for the full amount and after payment we will put your order into production.

The actual production time is always indicated down on the order.

All our furniture is handmade and made to order, so it is possible that the production date may change depending on the current workload or availability of materials. We will inform you in advance of any changes from the original estimate.

Definitely not. The legs of the bed are lined with durable vulcanised sheep wool felt, so you can shuffle the bed around comfortably and the floors will stay as good as new.

Just wipe the bed once in a while with a slightly damp cloth. If you want your oak planks to last as good as new, treat them once a month Osmo cleaner.

How to care for oiled oak countertops.

How to care for the base with powder coating.

Just send us an email with the dimensions and we will generate a customized model for you. We send 3D models either .STP, .IGS or .OBJ

Choose the bed of your dreams

Just a few clicks and in a few weeks you have it at home

Actual delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks
Free shipping.

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