Vala Premium table base

Metal base for dining table. Metal structure under the dining table. Table base Vala Premium

The premium version of the Vala base will enchant you with its subtle appearance and the elegant lines of its slightly sloping legs. Around 2m in length, we recommend looking at the XL version, which is made of thicker profiles, but its rigidity is incomparably better for longer tables.

The perfect foundation for the table of your dreams

The all-welded table base will easily support a solid wood top, spread a heavy stone and support thin HPL or modern laminated chipboard.

Detail of the steel base under the dining table
Metal base for dining table with slanted V-shaped legs

Premium handcrafting

Pamper yourself with hand-tuned details from the finest craftsmen. Discover the smooth lines, the cleanly polished connections and the beauty of premium Swiss lacquer.

High accuracy and precision design

Beautifully polished details

Premium powder coating 

Before you buy

Choosing a new base can sometimes be a long and difficult process full of uncertainty and questions. To make it a little easier for you, we've put together answers to the most common questions that go along with buying a proper base.

Once you order, you don't have to worry about anything. We will put the base on a pallet after production, wrap it carefully and send it to you. We will call you in advance to arrange a shipment date before shipment.

Free shipping applies to the first door. Prague and the surrounding area are free of charge with delivery.

By bank transfer. Once your order is completed, we will send you an invoice for the full amount and after payment we will put your order into production.

The actual production time is always indicated down on the order.

All our furniture is handmade and made to order, so it is possible that the production date may change depending on the current workload or availability of materials. We will inform you in advance of any changes from the original estimate.

Table for 4-6: minimum 150cm, ideally 180cm+

Table for 6-8: minimum 180cm, ideally 200cm+

Table for 8-10: minimum 200cm, ideally 240cm+

First you need to choose how tall you want your table to be.

From experience, we can say that 95% people are comfortable with a standard table height of 75cm. For really tall people (195cm+) it is a good idea to consider a height of 76cm. We make higher tables absolutely exceptionally and always after a thorough consultation.

When you have the height of the table, you just need to subtract the thickness of the board and you will get the required height of the base.


You want the table to be 75cm high, you want the top to be 3.6cm thick laminate and the base to be 71.4cm. 

Yes. Table bases are made to order with the possibility of changing length, width and height. We stick to the eshop prices (=we do not have extra charges for atypicals). If you want to know the price in advance, please email us with the exact dimensions of the base.

We produce the bases by 2,5cm smaller on each sidethan the size of the plate. We find it the most visually pleasing. 


For example, for a 180x90cm board we produce a 175x85cm base. 

If you want to make the base at the same time as the plate, just say.


Yes, we can produce bases in the entire RAL range. We do not make NCS colours. If you require an atypical paint, please email us to confirm availability and final price.

Definitely not. The bases are supplied with self-adhesive felts made of real sheep wool.

Wipe it occasionally with a slightly damp cloth, but you can also use a regular cleaner (CLIN, IRON). Be sure to NEVER use any solvents that will etch the powder coat and make it unrepairable!

How to care for the base with powder coating.

Just send us an email with the dimensions and we will generate a customized model for you. We send 3D models either .STP, .IGS or .OBJ

- Denise

With you I found exactly what I have been looking for for months... a footstool to my liking. Elegant, delicate look, precise workmanship, premium quality and last but not least I must mention the very kind and persistent treatment. You delivered and installed the base right in our kitchen.
I highly recommend it to everyone!

- Jolana

I'm sending some photos of your beautiful bench and table. Finally, the carpenters finished the basement and we had something to take pictures of. The bench is amazingly comfortable, you did a great job. You have nice products. I wish you only the same satisfied clients. Have a great time.

- Henry

The table arrived, we are very happy and the color of the saddle on 100%. You are doing a great job.

Choose the base for the table of your dreams

Just a few clicks and in a few weeks you have it at home

Výška podnože

Actual delivery time is 3 to 5 weeks
Free shipping


Made of 8 x 2 cm profiles
The final colour of the product may differ from the illustration photo

Dimension ( d x w ) is the net (plan) dimension of the base

Base height = table height - board thickness

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