Powder coated steel

We produce metal products from non-alloyed steel coated with powder varnish based on epoxy and polyester resins. Products painted in this way are primarily intended for use in dry interiors.

Metal bookcase Kubu 54 - oak box
Elegant detail of the recessed metal leg.
Metal bookcase Kubu 54 - oak box

The powder coating is applied to the steel surface with a special electrostatic gun and then cured in an oven at 180°C. In the oven, the powder melts and sticks to the surface of the steel to form a beautifully continuous and durable lacquer.




Wipe off dust and common dirt with a normal duster/wipe. For more stubborn dirt, use a normal cleaner (CLIN, IRON, etc.). Definitely NEVER use preparations based on solvents (SAVO, petrol, alcohol, acetone) or the paint will stick and be irreversibly damaged.

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