Footstool and bespoke bookcase

We came across Walter's by accident through the cabinetmakers we work with. Nobody told us what was coming. We simply received an order to make a single, unconventionally designed metal base for a dining table, a couple of hanging shelves made from perforated sheet metal and a long base for a TV table.

We didn't do much research, we just threw it on the shop floor like we always do and a few weeks later we were taking the structures to the carpenters. Again silence on the trail, no famfars or big smiles. Just a feeling of a job well done and off to the next job. That was it for us. Then when it started bouncing all over instagram, we couldn't help but wonder.

Realisation: 2020
Design by Tereza Janků

Atypical dining table in the beautiful interior of Walter's. Design by Tereza Janků
Metal shelf for interior in modern style
Modern kitchen with concrete trowel and dining table with metal base
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