What is the ideal size of a dining table?

The size of the dining table depends on the number of people you want to sit at it and how big your room is. The minimum space for dining for one person is 60x40cm.

Design dining table with metal chair in modern industrial style.

Rectangular table:

Table for 4 to 6* people - Minimum 130 x 80cm, ideally 150 x 90cm and larger

Table for 6 to 8* people - Minimum 180 x 90cm, ideally 200 x 100cm and larger

Table for 8 to 10* people - Ideally 260 x 100cm and larger

*Valid for classic, four-legged tables, such as Ramla, or Spiderwhich have two extra places in the lead.


Don't forget to add 70 to 75 cm on each side of the table for chairs. If you have little space for them, consider benchthat does not need to be postponed.

Industrial round dining table in solid oak with four metal legs.

Round table:

Table for 4 to 6: minimum 120cm, ideally 150cm+

Table for 6 to 8: minimum 150cm, ideally 180cm+

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